I will be forever grateful of this journey I was able to take through SDC. I hope the project choice offers a charming insight on my time in Canada.

My intention was to write multiple pieces that would make readers feel. Whether it is relating to my fear in the beginning, feeling sad with me in the end, or laughing to the stories I have to tell. Everything past this introduction is meant to be ironic. The stories are true, but the perspective or attitude that I wrote it in might not express how I actually felt. I love everyone in my group and all of the memories we made together. If something I wrote seems like it was a situation I wish did not happen, this is not the case! It was a trip with no regrets. A trip for growth. Everything I have in my project was an amazing experience or one that I am glad I learned from.

I will always love to write, but have felt limited by the rules of essays, stories, research papers, etc. I did not want to reflect on this unforgettable part of my summer by turning it in to a project that I would not have fun making. By creating this mockmagazine I can include stories from my perspective, interesting facts, fake news articles, even an interview with myself! One issue I bumped into was that magazines are not created by or made to be about just one person. My solution: different aliases. A new name for each of my sides, including the writer, tourist, movie critic, celebrity, foodie, and so many more! This was meant to be funny, not egocentric.

In school it is expected that papers be reasonably formal. I decided that this was the chance to try something new. And I know because of that decision, my writing will be more authentic.


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