2023 SDC Program Leadership Application

Thank you for your interest in Program Leadership with the Student Diplomacy Corps.

Our mission is to provide opportunities and scholarships for high school students from across the nation and around the world on dynamic study-away summer programs that promote civic engagement, deepen understanding of local and global issues, build college readiness and unleash the potential of youth.

In pursuit of this mission we offer 2 types of programs:
Student Diplomacy Corps International: 3-5 week immersion programs abroad focused on experiential learning and building confidence and college readiness (in some cases SDC international programs include possibility to earn college credit).
Student Diplomacy Experimental College (SDXCO): 4 week US college campus-based, credit-bearing programs designed to introduced high school students to college life and the liberal arts

Working with SDC students as a Program Leader offers you an opportunity to share your passion for languages, cultures, the arts and/or your expertise in a variety of liberal arts topics with a group of talented high school students with demonstrated skills in their home communities as poets, athletes, ecologists, artists, musicians, activists, authors and civic leaders during a challenging program. Passionate, engaged and hard working programs leaders can help create student experiences that are not just positive, but transformational.

Qualifications – Program Leader on SDC International Programs
• Study, travel or professional experience in a country in the Student Diplomacy Corps program portfolio or culturally related country
• Experience working with high school students in a leadership capacity
• College degree or equivalent experience in youth leadership
• Proficiency in the language of a country in the Student Diplomacy Corps portfolio
• Participation in a mandatory SDC Leadership Training before program departure

Responsibilities – Program Leader on SDC International Programs
• Focus on the safety and well-being of your student group
• Work collaboratively with the Student Diplomacy Corps office & international partner organizations abroad
• Manage program logistics, budget and curriculum
• Empower, inspire, and encourage your students to get the most out of the program experience
Qualifications – Teaching Associate for Student Diplomacy Experimental College (SDXCO):
• Minimum of 3 years of undergraduate studies completed
• Excellent academic standing in undergraduate institution
• Demonstrated skills in an academic field represented in SDXCO course offerings
• Participation in a mandatory SDC Leadership Training before program departure

Responsibilities – Teaching Associate for Student Diplomacy Experimental College (SDXCO):
• Assist professors in preparation and delivery of undergraduate course material
• Conduct supportive and challenging discussion sections to enhance and illuminate lecture materials
• Mentor students to help ensure their success in class and the SDXCO campus community
• Assist students in utilizing campus resources such as writing centers, elective courses, clubs and sports


Application Instructions:

The SDC Program Leadership Application consists of 3 distinct components – start with part one below and each subsequent section will be automatically emailed to you upon completion of the previous section.

Part 1 will take 30 – 45 minutes to complete and should be done in one sitting without refreshing the page, or allowing your computer to go into “power-save” or “sleep” mode. You will not be required to create a user account or password for this form, and you may navigate forward and back throughout the form without losing entered information, however – entries will not save fully until you hit “submit” on the final page of the application.

Application Deadlines and Other Information:
• All applications will be automatically considered for all open positions for which minimum requirements are met, including domestic campus-based programs (SDXCO) and SDC International Programs. Please review position requirements above and focus your application on SDC International, SDXCO, or both programs depending on your qualifications and interests.
• The SDC Program Leadership Application Opens January 1st of each year for positions taking place in July
• SDC Program Leadership interviews take place on a rolling basis beginning March 1st – Apply early for the best chance of finding a position to fit your skill set!
• Applications are accepted through May 1st – please email us at corpsleadership@sdcorps.org after that time to inquire about any remaining openings.

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