Student Centered. Scholarship Driven.

The Student Diplomacy Corps community of engaged donors and dynamic educators inspires a talent search across America and around the world to identify extraordinary high school students who are ready for rigorous college readiness and cross-cultural education programs which will develop their skills as scholars and citizens.

Working collaboratively with donors and foundations, we invest in the voices of young people by providing merit and need-based scholarships for students to discover the world.

Partnering with educators, we build a sustainable network of top schools, mentoring, civic and arts organizations committed to opening doors of opportunity for their students.

Creating thought provoking, fun, experiential educational and academic projects with ecologists, university professors, chefs, artists, musicians and anthropologists across the planet, we empower a growing world-wide network of non-profit organizations to design thematic programs that inspire, engage and inform.

Most importantly, challenging our students to share, give, laugh, struggle and learn about the world around us, we inspire the next generation of young activists and scholars to invest in creating a more sustainable, peaceful, successful and interconnected global community.