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New Upcoming Master Classes

• French Crêpes & Conversation avec Madelaine
• Japan Culture Club: Live Weekly from Tokyo
• Social Justice & Advocacy Club: Actions Toward a Just World
• La Cucina Italiana: Simple Cooking with an Italian Chef
• Big Math Big Money: The World of Finance
• Taking it to the Streets: Activism & Protest around the World
¡CinéClub! New Gen Spanish Movies and Conversation
• Picasso y Protesta: Art & Political Activism in Spain
• Viaggiamo con Giorgio: Exploring Italian Cities
• Listen to the Science: A Roundtable Discussion with Scientists

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Upcoming Master Class Descriptions

July 31, 2020
French Crêpes & Conversation avec Madelaine.  Five-time SDC group leader Madelaine Eulich will share her passion for food and France.  Practice French language skills, hear stories about the hidden corners of Paris and share conversation while learning to make delicious paper-thin French Crêpes.  With a few fresh eggs, a cup of flour, a splash of milk and a little bit of courage, you’ll be transported to a kitchen in a 17th century French farmhouse.

Dates TBD (3 session master class starting in mid-August)
Japan Culture Club: Live from Tokyo!  Meet weekly with our man in Japan from late July through mid-August.  Three time SDC group leader and college professor Andras Molnar takes you to ramen shops, shinto temples and neighborhoods throughout the city from anime-rich Akihabara to traditional Asakusa.  Learn some Japanese, see iconic sites and get a taste of Tokyo.

August 4, August 11 and August 18, 2020 (3 session master class)
Social Justice & Advocacy Club: Actions Towards a Just World.  Set against a backdrop of incredible social change, meet weekly through mid-August with fellow social activists, change-makers and young people from across the nation. We’ll discuss current events, share stories of personal and community protest and envision ways to empower yourself and others in the pursuit of a more equitable and just world.

August 7, 2020
La Cucina Italiana: Simple Cooking with an Italian Chef.  Right now, there are a handful of ingredients in your pantry and refrigerator just waiting to be transformed into a delicious Italian dish.  Work with a renowned Italian chef, learn some words and phrases in Italian, hear stories about the nexus between food and culture in Italy and make your own Italian inspired meal.

August 17, 2020
Big Math Big Money: The World of Finance.  Ready to ride the bulls and dance with the bears on Wall Street? Interested in high finance, private equity and investment management?  Or maybe you just want to make a bunch of money and become SDC’s top donor by the time you’re 35 years old?  No matter the reason, if you’re interested in the world of finance, join a discussion with a panel of successful men and women in the field.

Date TBD
Taking it to the Streets: Activism & Protest around the World.  A multi-week drop-in series with activists, educators and experts discussing activism and protest at street level.  From Santiago, Chile to the south side of Chicago and New York City, how is grassroots protest in 2020 shaping the future.  Share your stories of protest and perspective with young people from across the USA and around the world.

Dates TBD (3 session master class)
¡CinéClub! New Gen Spanish Movies and Conversation.  Tired of watching Star Wars and super heroes?  Some of the best films you’ve never heard of were created by up and coming filmmakers from Latin America.  Watch some incredible films, practice your Spanish and join a hip crew of artists, critics and movie lovers as you watch, review and discuss películas de moda.

Date TBD
Picasso y Protesta: Art & Political Activism in Spain.  Art is protest.  Spanish art historian César Borja introduces Pablo Picasso as an artist, activist and anti-fascist who helped shape Spanish national identity through his works.  Decode famous Picasso paintings, virtually visit famous museums and discuss how your artistic voice can be a vehicle for social change.

Date TBD
Viaggiamo con Giorgio: Exploring Italian Cities.  The art, architecture and history of Italy come to life through the stories, expertise and dynamism of Italian architectural historian Giorgio Danesi. You’ll explore the canals and narrow alleyways of Venice, learn to decode centuries-old architectural features and begin to untangle the beautiful chaos of Italian urban design. Plus, as any SDC Venetian Empire program alum will tell you, Giorgio is the coolest architect you’ll ever meet.

Date TBD
Listen to the Science.  As part of our continued college readiness and career series, participate in a panel discussion with working scientists, researchers and epidemiologists.  If you’re interested in pursuing a career in science, have questions about public health and the pandemic or just want to hear stories from some really smart people, put down your bunsen burner and join the discussion.

Full Descriptions of Previous & Current Master Classes

July 7, 2020 (Past)
Maori Rights and Black Lives Matter
with renowned Maori activist and educator Bianca Ranson.

The Maori people of Aotearoa have faced challenges similar to other indigenous peoples across the globe: colonization, land confiscation, and language loss, to name a few. During this session, Bianca will share how indigenous activism has led to systemic change in Aotearoa and will discuss similarities to BIPOC activist movements in the U.S.

July 8, 2020 (Past)
South American Folk Dance
with former principal dancer of the Ballet Folclórico de Chile, Claudio Le Roy.

South America is full of vibrant, diverse cultures blending indigenous, European and African influences and expressing themselves through distinct forms of music and dance. Claudio Le Roy, former dancer with the Ballet Folclórico de Chile, will lead a conversation on this history and teach the basics of several traditional dances starting with the Chilean Cueca.

July 14, 2020 (Past)
¡No Te Enchiles! Salsa Making from Mexico
with Mexico City native and culinary expert Josh Tripp.

In this session Student Diplomats will attend a live cooking show from their home kitchens with a few simple ingredients on-hand. Josh will take students through the science and art of creating one of the staples of any meal in Mexico: fresh salsa.

July 16, 2020 (Past)
Live from the Medina: Rabat
with Moroccan educators Widad Mazrag, Nabil Akabli and Rachid Qasbi.

Rabat, Morocco – the starting point of the SDC Morocco program – is a blend of narrow alleys in the medieval walled city (the medina), art deco buildings from the French colonial period, and a bustling modern metropolis. This interactive travel program will introduce students to the built environment, people and cuisine of this ancient capital.

July 21, 2020 (Past)
Afro-Cuban Rhythms (This master class is full and on waitlist)
with Josue Cruz, lead singer of the Florida-based salsa orchestra and the LPT ensemble.

Salsa music has grown from its roots in West African rhythm into a world-wide music and dance phenomenon. In this session, students will learn from the LPT ensemble about the deep origins of salsa in Cuba, where African rhythms like the guaguanco were first punctuated with the clavé to create modern salsa music.

July 22, 2020 & July 29, 2020
Talking Law (This master class is full and on waitlist)
with lawyers Jeff Jefferson, Tina Kassangana and law student Daniela Charris.

You’ve seen countless lawyers flex their law skills on TV, so you know what it’s like to be a lawyer…right? During this session, students will meet three people at different points in their law careers: Daniella, a law student at Howard University; Tina, a first-year Associate at an NYC law firm; and Jeff, a lawyer who’s been practicing for decades. Come with your legal pad full of questions on pursuing a career in law!

July 23, 2020 & July 30, 2020
Meditation and Mindfulness on the Road to Success (This master class is full and on waitlist)
with meditation researcher and Director of Meditation Training at the University of Wisconsin Madison Chad McGehee alongside rising UW sophomore and varsity linebacker Maema Njongmeta.

What does meditation practice and playing Division 1 football have in common? A whole lot, it turns out. Join this session to learn about the basics of mindfulness meditation and how these tools can heighten performance in your personal, academic and athletic endeavors.

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