The SDC Community In Action

Serving students from across the United States during the pandemic has been an honor for the Student Diplomacy Corps staff and Board of Directors.

SDC has provided hundreds of students with tuition-free online courses for college credit, master classes, employment, professional development opportunities, college writing workshops, academic tutoring, and certification in CPR and First Aid.  Programs and projects serving students through the pandemic include the following:

Student Diplomacy Experimental College (SDXCO)

100 underserved high school students earned 3 college credits studying critical global issues during ten 6-week liberal arts courses with professors from around the world.

SDC@LIVE Master Classes

Global experts in the arts, cooking, journalism, culture and language provided 60 masterclass hours to 200 students.

Student Diplomacy Service Corps

A micro-employment and training program for SDC alumni graduating from college. To date, 35 Service Corps Associates have been hired to help design and deliver SDC academic and cross-cultural education programs.

College Application & Academic Support

6-week college application writing workshop and a 10-week MathMatters individualized tutoring program helping students narrow the achievement gap and prepare for college during the pandemic.

Spring Enrichment & Extracurricular Programs

Virtual extra-curricular workshops helping students earn CPR and First Aid certifications, explore international cooking and create mini documentaries with a professional filmmaker.

We are grateful to the students and parents who have trusted SDC to provide important educational opportunities. It has been a privilege to work closely with our educational partner schools and mentoring organizations to creatively serve so many deserving young people. We thank every member of our donor community for investing in the educational success of our students during these challenging times.

In 2022, we look forward to getting back in the field and will continue our relentless focus on building programs and projects that help young people unleash potential and succeed.  Stay tuned for more information about our international immersion and domestic college credit and travel programs!

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