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MATHmatters Overview: Building competency, confidence and comfort in mathematics among high school students across the United States.

The pandemic has interrupted education for many students.  MATHmatters brings group instruction and individualized tutorials to college-bound students striving to succeed during challenging times.

Inspiration: Group sessions will explore how mathematics are present in every day life.  Guest speakers will share how they apply math in their careers.  Math puzzles will be solved collectively to build ease and identify patterns that help students approach course work with skill.  Group sessions will begin on January 14, 2021.

Perspiration: Just a little bit of sweat, and a lot of joy, during one-on-one tutorials will help students navigate math classes.  Two hours of instruction each week will be provided for students pursuing courses from Algebra 1 to Advanced Placement Calculus.  Individual tutoring and one-on-one math support begins on December 14, 2020.

MATHmatters Director: Miguel Perez Luna a native of Greeley, Colorado graduated from Harvard University in 2015.  After graduating he taught mathematics at the Community Charter School of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today Miguel is pursuing a masters degree in Urban Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is excited to share his interest in the power of math and help participants succeed.

MATHwizards: A team of MATHwizards will be carefully matched with participants and serve as private instructors providing 1-2 hours of customized tutoring each week.  Tutorials will last 30 minutes to 1 hour per session. MATHwizards will have office hours to offer supplemental assistance for exam preparation.

Enroll: Please complete the short on-line form above.  Contact Chris Frantz at if you have additional questions.